söndag 2 december 2012


Han har lyckats att ge en intervju till brittiska BBC och klaga på USA och Sverige. Julian Assange ser sliten ut. Han ser nog inte fram emot att dö i Ecuadors engelska ambassad. Han har problem med sina lungor och också med sitt psyke, sin mentala hälsa.

Han ser mycket äldre ut än sina 41 år. Rysk TV var här och intervjuade mig om Julian Assange, men jag har fortfarande inte sett något avtryck i form av ett inslag. Kanske sade jag inte vad de ville höra. Hans Röhl, tysk journalist, har också bett mig att uttala mig om Assange. Det har jag gjort, men inte heller där har jag sett någon artikel.

Kanske säger jag inte det de vill? Så här svarade jag den tyske journalisten:

Hello Mr Röhl. I will answer your questions:

Women have gained much power in legislation laws during the former government in Sweden when the social democrats made laws in 2005 that gave women all power in these matters. A woman must always give her permission and can say to a man in the middle of the sex act that she does not want to do this and the man then have to stop otherwise she can say to the police that this was against her will and the police then have to investigate this as a rape case. That is what happened in the Assange case. The two women in that case went to the police to get some advice about how they could force Assange to test himself to see if he was sick with any sexual disease, but instead it became a rape case despite that they had both invited Julian Assange to their homes.

The feminist agenda is sort of sacred after 40 years of propaganda. I myself was a member of a women liberation group in the seventies but thougt that they were too extreme. When a theatre in Sweden made a play out of Valerie Solanas Scum-manifest last year (in november) media was very happy. The theatre got very good reviews and when I man tried to write a text in the same style as Solana but about women he was of course not tolerated. His blog was shut down.

In 2006 every politician in this country described themselves as feminists. It was before the election to the parliament that year. Personally I think that it is crazy to try to create a war between men and women. In Sweden men live shorter lives than women. They have more accidents at work, are more suicidal than women, are more the victims of violent crimes. Men have harder lives in general than women in Sweden.

We have a feminist party in Sweden called Fi (Feminist initiative) and they get around one percent of the votes in elections. We have a feminist attorney general in the Assange case - Marianne Ny - and she is the reason why this case has been so twisted and why there is no solution in sight. At first another attorney general (also a woman) dismissed this case. 

Julian Assange asked permission to leave the country and he got the permission to do so. He was here for five whole weeks after the alleged rape before he left Sweden and it was very easy to question him about the case. But noone did. How the legal system works in this case is not optimally. Of course. This is not due to any politicians but to the attorney general. The legal system is free from political influence. But Marianne Ny have prestige to lose in this case. So she is behaving like a real bureaucrat.

I think that the two girls never thought that this case would go so far and have these dimensions worldwide. I also think that Julian Assange have done everything to use this to his own advantage. He had Great Britain, Ecuador and Sweden to intervene for him. He seem to me to be a bit crazy and a male chauvinist but not at all responsible for any rape in Sweden. 
Ja vad ska man säga. Nu verkar det som om åklagaren Marianne Ny drar sig för att förhöra Assange och en del av hans brott preskriberas om någon månad. Vilken skandalös historia från början till slut. 

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